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Persist Even In Dim Light

During a walk one brisk morning on a beautiful trail in my neighborhood, I was mesmerized by the beautiful but overcast sky. Typically at that time of the morning the sun would have been glaring. But as I took my steps, gazing around and looking up occasionally I realized that there was a lot of shade in my path contributing to my perception of the sun being tucked away in the clouds.

As I pondered my overreaction to the sun’s absence, a real-life parallel hit me; that when we are going through times of great difficulty, and life’s burdens seem too heavy to bear, we sometimes are quick to think that God’s glorious warmth and presence is absent. The temporary gloom of that season draws us into unbelief whereby although the son hasn’t departed, we fail to perceive him.

And so friend, let's reset right here.

Read this slowly and then say it out loud:

“The LORD himself goes before ME and will be with ME; he will never leave ME nor forsake ME. I will not be afraid; I will not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8 (emphasis and personalization, mine)

Do you believe these words from Scripture? If you are a follower of Jesus this promise is for you. Whether in the darkness or dim light, the one who created you and sustains you is near. Regardless of your perception of Him, His nearness is dependable reality.

So friend, pick up your head from underneath the shades of doubt, and look upward, let the rays of light from the son hit - first your forehead, then your cooling heart. Let his warmth and love breathe hope back into your soul.

p.s. if you are reading this, and you are not a follower of Jesus or you are not experiencing the nearness of God in your current season, reply to this email and I'd love to pray with you.

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