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Image by Ronak Valobobhai

Declare 4 hope cards

About the cards

In these dark and uncertain times so many are losing hope. But friends, we are not alone. God, through His living and relevant Word reminds us of the power of words in releasing hope and healing. And that is the intention of the Declare 4 Hope Cards.


Declare4Hope was curated to give you phrase-sized doses of hope to keep you uplifted. This 52-card deck of Biblical truth-based affirmation Cards comes with a mix of:

  • Full-color vivid images

  • Color-in illustrations (some of which are brand new and not featured in Worthy!)

  • All 52 affirmation cards are 2-sided with the featured Bible verse at your fingertip!


The anchoring verse for the Declare 4 Hope Affirmation Cards is Proverbs 16:24, which states in the Passion Translation; “Nothing is more appealing than speaking beautiful life-giving words. For they release sweetness to our souls and inner healing to our spirits.”

The Power of Declarations!​


One of my favorite definitions of a declaration is from the Oxford dictionary and it defines it simply as “the formal announcement of the beginning of a state or condition.” It aligns with what was said of God himself in Romans 4:17, that He “called things that were not as though they were.” Our creator God modeled this beautifully for us in the opening chapters of scripture (Genesis 1 & 2), when He used words to frame the world that we live in today. He literally made declarations to create every thing of substance including light, land, animals - and us! 

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Creative Tips: Getting the most out of Declare 4 Hope Cards

Provided for you are some fun, creative and practical ways to use your Declare 4 Hope cards!  

Practical Daily repetition

Scripture memorization
To encourage others

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