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A Poem on Perseverance

Several months ago I heard a wise woman, Amanda Pittman say these words in the context of a message she was sharing; "Don't uproot in doubt, what you sowed in faith" and it touched me so deeply. And so as I've pondered those words off and on over that time, I finally sat with it enough to flesh out the ways in which that phrase ministered to me. I pray my reflection in the form of the poem below encourages you.

[Pictured below is a stretch of mustard seed shrubs]

Don’t uproot in doubt what you sowed in faith,

Let the mustard seed stay underground for yet another moment.

Give it the room to take root and show belief’s evidence.

Don’t uproot in discouragement what you sowed with great courage

Allow the perfection of God’s timing to show your effort worthy of celebration.

Don’t uproot in doubt what you sowed in faith,

Let the voice of the master gardener navigate you through the terrains of uncertainty.

Don’t uproot in fear what you sowed in confidence,

Let the love of God encapsulate in its entirety every thread of dread and anxiety.

Don’t uproot in dryness what you sowed during seasons of fruitful nourishment,

Let the soil of your heart soak in the nutritious manure of God’s Word

That it may once more delight in the assurance of His truth.

Don’t uproot in doubt what you sowed in faith,

Persist. For in due time, the near invisible mustard seed will sprout above ground and bear fruit.

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