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What's there to be grateful for amidst a global pandemic?

As the global pandemic rages on, I have found myself struggling to be content, and not grumbling. As such I determined to cultivate a new habit - practicing gratitude. The personal poem I'm sharing in this post, was birthed from that place, and I hope it inspires you to count your own blessings. It serves no purpose if we waste this time whining and wishing for it "to be over". The truth is we can be grateful right where we are.

Here goes the poem:


Counting the joys of my blessed state:

A home rich in love and warmth

An oasis for weary souls

A station to recharge

And to map out a way to the God-dreams.

Counting the joys of my blessed state:

A lover to- 

Dance through life with

Wrestle troubles with 

Sing glorious victory songs with

As we live out dreams from just yesterday.

Counting the joys of my blessed state: 

The fruits of my vine

With insatiable appetites for a joyous life,

And ecstatic shrieks from their playful days

That keep me reminded - that they are delicate flowers I am called to nurture

Counting the joys of my blessed state: 

A temple that does my bidding

A heart fighting daily for contentment

A soul nestled in the peaceful arms of its’ Savior. And a spirit yearning always, for more of Yahweh. 

Counting the joys of my blessed state:

Meaningful work, 

Ignited passions that ignite others

A purposeful mission to propel others 

Into hope, health and meaning. 

Counting the joys of my blessed state:

A sharp mind

That’s tirelessly problem solving,

And endlessly marinating new ideas

With the potential to shatter the status-quo.

Counting the joys of my blessed state:

The treasured ministry of the Trinity.

The Joy of childlikeness with Abba

A blossoming friendship with Yeshua

And incomparable comfort via the Spirit’s breath.


Blessings to you and yours as you count the joys of YOUR blessed state!

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