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Here's the Way!

The poem in today’s blogpost comes out of a place of realization, that all the other ways in life that we humans seek lasting peace and happiness is only ever temporary. We’re high on sin’s promise for a moment - but those idols - money, sex, lust, you name it - leave our souls desperately yearning still. 

We find ourselves left again and again with a choice; keep aimlessly wandering….or settle down into THE way. 

Where is the way? Check out John 14:6 - 

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I hope this short poem provokes you to choose the Lover of your soul. Over and over and over again. He is worthy of our YES!

Here’s the Way!

Follow THE way.

The unbeaten path that’s entirely God’s way.

Cease the wandering that compounds confusion.

On a road with weeds and stunted plants

That litter the journey in the wilderness of self-absorption.

Reject that road.

Forsake the mediocrity of better-than-nothing.

Choose to say YES instead,

To the adventure of discovery, And the rewarding life-long pursuit of Jesus-likeness 

Filled with deep roots and sprouting seeds.

And fruitful pathways,

That boldly embrace the bravery of I-can-do-all-things! 

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