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Unspoken Prayers: HELP

A few months ago, in the midst of some life processing - I penned this prayer poem. I hope it gives to you language for your own heart-conversations with God through times when words may have escaped you.

Unspoken Prayers: HELP

When words fail

And the soul is tied up in knots

Unsure what to feel

And how to process life’s entanglements

My heart whispers to you - Lord, HELP.

When man can’t handle the weight

And the body is weary

From going without pause

Then my heart will whisper to you - Lord, HELP.

Oh this spirit of mine longs for you

To know the depths of your love

To be one with your pulsating heart

And until that becomes reality

I will whisper the one word I can - HELP.

If you would like me to partner with you in prayer, send your requests to!

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