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Lessons from the symphony of nature

Ever walked through the woods early in the morning?

It’s as though all the creatures were awakened at the beckoning of their orchestra’s conductor

With sounds ranging in characteristic from preppy to deafening,

And joyous to piercing,

Each one did only what it could do, what it knew to do, what it was born to do

Not for a moment did I hear a goose sound like a red robin,

No, each creature sang, chirped and moved at its God-given pace

From moment to moment each creature had its own space to be, to sing

No competition, no silencing of one another

Just a complimentary work of art.

From their varying corners in the woods,

Each stand in their individual greatness, owning their uniqueness,

While searching for food and enjoying the refreshing breeze.

Whether they know or not,

From hawks and woodpeckers to songbirds and wood ducks;

Opossums and groundhogs to red robins and red pigeons,

Their collective greatness and beauty is oh so breathtaking.

What joy the creator must experience seeing His creatures each deeply entrenched in their personal way of being, while intentionally interconnected in symphony with other cohabitants.

May we learn to live and co-exist as beautifully harmonious as God's nature does.

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