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Girl, dance on!: A love Poem

At one point or the other, we have all felt like the Shulamite bride in Song of Songs 6:13, and wondered why God would have anything to do with our frail frame and imperfections. But will you shy away from the Lord's wooing of your heart, or will you lean into his affirming call to your soul?

I pray this poem draws you in closer to God's everlasting, unrelenting love.


Shulamite bride: why would you seek a mere shulamite like me? Why would you want to see my dance of love?

The bridegroom king: Because you dance so gracefully; as though you danced with angels! - Song of Songs 6:13 TPT

Daughter, nothing about you is mere.

You are a masterpiece.

I would know.

I created you.

As I fashioned you in my own image

I sang delightful songs over you

Songs that declared the future I had planned,

Songs that implanted our eternity into your heart.

So when you dance for me,

Cast off all restraints,

Don’t mind who’s watching,

You just dance!

Dance like tomorrow’s not coming,

And dance like your sorrows are long gone,

‘Cos soon they will be.

Move with grace and purpose,

Swing to the beat of our joined hearts,

And know that I will remain in step with you,

As you do this dance of love

Freely, sweetly and passionately.

Sweet girl, just dance on!

Click here to download the beautiful illustration that's pictured on this page [The one you see is my personally colored one that I also framed and look at often]! As you color your own masterpiece, reflect on the freedom that God desires for you to have in His love.

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