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1. Worthy! Devotional Coloring Book

Combining rich and purposeful devotions with original, illustrated art that promotes meditative coloring; this 52-week devotional coloring book also features Scripture, personal reflection questions, declarations and prayers designed to:

  • Bestow affirmation and intrinsic value

  • Facilitate inner healing

  • Cultivate intimacy with God

  • Infuse hope

  • Inspire new dreams


2. I Am Worthy! Guided Journal

The “I Am Worthy!” Journal will affirm, uplift, and partner with you on your journey to hope and healing. It’s a guided journal with writing, doodling and drawing space + 52 heart-provoking prompts + 52 freedom-bringing verses from scripture.


3. Declare 4 Hope Affirmation Cards

Declare 4 Hope is a set of 52-card deck curated to keep you uplifted with phrase-sized doses of hope! Each card in this Biblical truth-based affirmation cards is sized 4X6 deck and comes with a mix of:

  • Full-color vivid images

  • Color-in illustrations (some of which are brand new and not featured in the Worthy! Devotional)

  • All 52 affirmation cards are 2-sided with the featured Bible verse at your fingertip!

For creative tips on how to get the most from your cards check out


4. Color4Hope Colored Pencils

This set includes 24 vibrant coloring pencils. The go perfectly with a Worthy! Devotional.


I Am Worthy! Package

SKU: V4081908648
  • Worthy! Devotional Coloring Book

    • 8 x 10 inches
    • Perfect bound paperback
    • Coloring pages are perforated 
    • 132 pages 
    • Published December 2019

    I am Worthy! Reflective Journal

    • 6 x 9 inches
    • Perfect bound paperback
    • 177 pages
    • Published Decemeber 2020

    Declare 4 Hope Affirmation Cards

    • Card dimensions are 4 X 6
    • Double-sided 52 affirmation card deck + 1 product cover card
    • Published January 2022

    Color4Hope Colored Pencils

    • 24 colors
    • presharpened
    • non-toxic
    • Oil based
    • 20.5cm x 8.9cm x 2.5cm
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