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Shed the weight

Cast your burdens upon the lord, and He will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”  Psalm 55:22, NASB

Well into the month of May, around most parts of the World, the global pandemic rages on. Although the U.S is slowly beginning to open up, we are nowhere close to the normalcy that was in full effect just a few months ago as we all sang and danced into the new decade! 

Many of you may have lost jobs or been furloughed while some have been fortunate to keep income amidst these hard times. And some of you have lost someone you knew to this nasty virus. Through all of those challenges, you are still standing, albeit shaky some days. There is no doubt about it these past several months have certainly sought to pile dread, anxiety and depression on to our souls; and that friends, is the weight I’m encouraging us to shed today. 

Take a moment with me and read the verse referenced above again:

Cast your burdens upon the lord, and He will sustain you. He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”

Pictured is a beautifully colored page via Worthy! Devo

To “cast” as used in today’s verse means to shed, fling, or throw. That word “shed” brings a word picture of weight loss to my mind. As women, once we shed or lose weight of any amount, our next aim is to keep that weight off! There is nothing more frustrating in the weight management process than to be flip-flopping those last five pounds. As a mom of two children, I can totally relate to that struggle. 

The author of this verse, King David, encourages us to fling our burdens upon the Lord. All of those heavy burdens that we have been carrying regarding our own personal issues and those of our loved ones, we are to give them over, and leave them with our heavenly Father. The leaving of those burdens is where the challenge often lies - our human nature tends to default to repeatedly going over negative situations, even when the over analysis brings no positive change. That rehashing is an act of ‘taking back the burden”.

So hear me today friend, God does not want you to carry your burdens another day. As you leave them with Him, He promises to sustain you. To “sustain” as used in this verse means to nourish, and His word to you today is that when you fling those burdens His way, you will not only be traveling lighter, you will also be well nourished and standing firm. What an exchange, and what a loving, generous God! 

Will you take him up on the offer today? 

May I encourage you, to take deliberate steps to meditate on and memorize that verse over the next couple of days. Say it over and over again until it sinks into your being, that as you leave your burdens with God He will never ever allow you to be shaken. 

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