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Infusing Hope

About a month ago, I stumbled on a lengthy poem I penned 14 years ago. To build some context, I was 21 at the time, in college, thousands of miles and a continent away from familiarity. This poem was birthed from a place of pure hunger for a meaningful life; birthed from a small peek into what I hoped and believed would be my future. It is an audacious declaration no doubt, but at 21, my dreams had no hint of cloudy. I was certain and filled with hope. Here’s some of the piece:


I have been given,

The words and the wisdom

To effect a change in my generation.

An assignment must I complete,

That all might come to the knowledge of He,

Who for all our sins was put to death.

I possess the words to bring freedom,

To the enslaved minds,

And to bring victory to the once defeated.

My purpose until I take my last breath,

Is to live for his glory,

To radiate forth his light

On the inside of me…


Nearly a decade and a half since I last saw that poem and I am moved by it still. For many years following its writing, I lost that 21-year-old girl’s courage in the busyness and seriousness of adulthood, but I am getting that audacious bold dreamer 21-year-old version of myself back! Like her I do want to effect a change in my generation. I do have an assignment to be God’s hands, feet and vessel of honor. I do want to radiate His light from within me out into this utterly dark world. I do want to live out the entire breadth of His pre-written intent for my life. 

And I do not want to just say it, I want to be about it.

How about you? What season of life does this note meet you today? Do you also want to push beyond hopelessness, brokenness and fear so you can one day live your dreams and inspire other women?

Hear me out please - Instead of taking the walk alone, why don’t we get (and stay) hope infused, leap out of the mundane and into God’s amazing purpose together? 

In all honesty, regardless of where you are today – bruised, grieving, broken, afraid or living without joy; the world has no lasting hope to extend, no refreshing to offer your soul and absolutely no real guidance for everyday life. But God does. And His Word does. And with the Worthy! Book, along with any poems and articles that I pen, I aim to infuse Hope.

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