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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

ISAIAH 41:13

“I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting go. I’m telling you, Don’t

panic. I’m right here to help you.”

COVID19, a deadly virus that has now taken the lives of more than 12,000 individuals in a

few short months, has put many in a state of a scary panic. Although most people that

catch the virus recover, there are more than 294,000 cases of COVID-19 from over 184

countries and territories around the world 1; and those numbers are indeed


No doubt, COVID19 is a dangerous virus not to be ignored. As such, this post is to

counter the fear and panic in our hearts, and not the reality of the dangerous times we

are in. And so, as we are encouraged by public health and government officials to stay

away from gatherings, travelling by air and even play dates; it is certainly normal to

count down till the end of what feels like a ‘lock-down’ and is indeed a major

interruption to the regular flow of our lives.

But may I offer you some hope and encouragement right here?

God is saying to us today, just as much as He was to the Israelites thousands of years

ago - “I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting go. I’m telling you, Don’t

panic. I’m right here to help you.”

In the verses leading up to the one above, God is promising his people of deliverance

from their enemies. He is assuring them that in Him is a guaranteed victory for them,

and defeat for those who do not wish them well. He is acknowledging that the situation

looks chaotic, and as such a cause for panic - but then he assures them of his presence

and protection.

Take a moment now and envision, what does God’s presence and protection look like to

you in this season of your life? Does it feel like quiet in the deepest parts of your soul

where doubt and fear rage? Or is it a joyous invigoration of your faith in God?

Whatever it looks like, God is reassuring you today that He got you! Regardless of the

risk ahead of you or if the fear that is gripping your heart is from the corona virus or other

causes, He’s saying to you today and I hope you can hear God’s heart loud and clear -

daughter, I will help you! Not only will I ensure you’re on a safe path, I will walk it with


Will you join me now and say this prayer….

Father, I am choosing today, to believe your words over the words of fear and destruction in my world. Thank you for never letting me go! My heart finds so much rest in you - and in your promise that you have a firm grip on me.

To further turn your focus toward God, consider some meditative coloring during this time. While you’re coloring this

beautifully illustrated image, visualize yourself taking a stroll, with your hand being firmly held by God himself. He is holding your hands and looking occasionally into your eyes - lingering in your gaze and smiling at you. Then He leans over to whisper in your ears…daughter, Don’t panic…I’m never letting you go.

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